Sunday, January 30, 2005


This morning's Trekk around the National Zoo ( brought a nice surprise. The Flamingo LiveCam showed their Pond with quite alot of Snow around it. Something that looks like Rye Seeds are floating in the pond. Taking a closer look it's,,,,Migrating Wild Ducks cruising and splashing around. Ahh,,,a nice reststop.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Carolina Sunshine & Ice

Here in Carolina we have gone from what we call "Shirt Weather" to "Triple Coat Weather" in four days time. We wear Cotton year round, but are wishing for the fancy TripleTherma stuff we passed over in the Christmas Catalogs. So, we manage. Two pair of socks, pajamas under our clothes, a shirt, sweater and the cotton coat and ziplock bags over our sandals.

An Ice Storm moved in early this morning. A Neighborhood Transformer woke us as the lights blinked out then on, making the computer and printer chatter words I won't repeat. Everything's cancelled and we spent the day watching huge icicles creep longer along the eves.

A large flock of Migrating Cedar Waxwings spent the afternoon eating every berry and seed in our tall trees. They were dressed in Carolina Winter Dress,,,three pair of socks,,,pajamas under their feathers,,,ziplock,,,

This evening a new Rain Front has moved in and the ice is sliding off the house making a WHALLOPing Noise that makes the cats wild-eyed. A Pizza Delivery arrived at six. Wrong house. The Delivery person slipped and slid away into the dark Whalloping night.

So there it is. On Wednesday I spent the day Trekking at the Zoo. It was Seventy Degrees and everyone was enjoying Sun Puddles, even the Birdbath- size Turtles on the River. The Bees were doing the "Lost Bee" Dance all over a tall Flowering Apricot in the Botanical Garden. Blooming Helebores! Today it was "Freezing" and the Carolinabees were wearing ,,,,,,