Saturday, January 14, 2006


Wow,,the Winds of March have found us on a Sunny day in January. As the day marches forward it is accelerating and causing one to hang out by a window to see what it is churning up out in the yard. Out come binoculars. There's Thrasher swinging at dizzying speed trying to get a bite from the Suet Cage.

Squiggly musical notes sing out as it sneaks thru the attic and around windows. It makes a game of finding new things to twangle, rattle, clap and snap. Your hackles rise when it comes rushing and makes a deep rushing-roaring that howls and whistles and builds until you fear for the house and then just like a wave in the ocean it plays out and gets quiet. After a Rest, the whole Wind Drama begins once again.

What a great exhilirating game for your ears. Wind.