Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Five Squirrels?

There have been four Squirrels combing the grass for weeks underneath the hanging Bird Feeder in the backyard.

Above them the Carolina Wrens have been shelling seeds and singing a happy spring yodel song. One a distance away answers. it sounds like an echo. When the Squirrels get too lively the wrens chatter and hiss.

Just now watching from the Kitchen Window, i counted two wrens and FIVE squirrels. The new small one has a hairless tail. I smell a Rat. Four squirrels begin running around in circles, ricocheting off trees. The rat runs up a tall pine tree, then walks slowly right down it defying gravity. It disappeared thru the Red Tips and over to the neighbors.

Note: I bought some traps, but only got the courage to set one once. The rats disappeared. My neighbor must have been braver.