Sunday, May 01, 2005


Talk about so tired you are "sleeping on your feet". 3:42AM and checking on the owls at and see Frida has moved away and the little guys are STANDING and dozing off. their little fluffyheads are nodding nodding nodding,,,their beaks almost touching their toes. dreamingdreamingdreaming,,,mousemousemouse.


zeldamax yoshi said...

mouse mouse mouse. very original. glad to see you have a sence of humer and a way with words. maby you should write childrens books.

Annieptigger said...

This was a great blog.. You should write children's books. You are good with words. When you write it makes me smile. I can isulize what you are writing and it's really very clever and funny.
Keep up the Good Work~!