Thursday, February 10, 2005


This afternoon I almost fell out of my car and got Roadrash.
There standing beside the road was a pair dressed in black,,,
very nonchalant,,,very large,,,elegant.
A large roadkill had their attention
and they were patiently waiting for a chance
to stroll over to it.

They were just up the road, so I stopped to watch.
It was a Pair of Black Vultures.
Sibleys Birdbook also named them
"Carrion Crows or just S.C. Buzzards. You pick."
After watching the little backyard songbirds at home
these guys looked enormous.


Annieptigger said...

Falling out of the car while bird watching could be very dangerous. Always remember to lock your car when leaving the driveway. At first I thought you were talking about two people dressed in black ready to pick up roadkill for their lunch. Very Funny~!
You know there is a cook book called "RoadKill".

zeldamax yoshi said...

good grief all dressed up and no where to go. great story