Monday, February 07, 2005

There are No Mistakes

Applying the theory "There are No Mistakes" we sat back and enjoyed the Scenery. We had missed our exit to Home and had to Backtrack. What would we have missed if we hadn't?

A Good Laugh (at ourselves)
A Glimpse of Winston/Salem, N.C. (tobacco country,then?)
Sunset that lit up the sky in brilliant fucia colors ,,, lighting up the windswept clouds&heavens.
A mindboggling cloud of lowflying Birds in Migration reeling back and forth to land for the night.
Very old and large Hardwood Trees dressed in black silouette against the Evening horizon.
Cows and Horses
and three Hawks Roosting for the Night.


zeldamax yoshi said...

great blogg lynn. have you ever thought of smoking with patrick sometime. dont tell larry ofcourse. your imagination would run wild.

Carolina Trekker said...

Zeldamax,,,you are so fun. I am LOL!