Thursday, March 03, 2005

March Parades In

Yesterday found me working around in the front yard cleaning up and getting ready for Spring. The brisk March Wind made quick work of getting the debri into piles and out to the street. I was sweating Icicles. Raking around the Acuba Bush I found a Tunnel under the fence. My thoughts were on how I miss that little Black Dog, when a Mirage sprang up out on the street.

No Mirage, it was Black Dog, with his Curly Tail and Head held high leading a Parade. In his wake marched a Large Black Lab. I almost stepped to the Curb and joined in.

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zeldamax yoshi said...

good for mr black dog. we should all be a little bit like him free as free can be as long as there is a meal and safe place to sleep at the end of the day. typical of me wanting all of the best but none of the rest. ho ho