Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nest Time

We were hearing a riot of birdsong here in the mornings. This week Pairs are appearing at the feeders. Yesterday I observed a female House Finch hungrily pulling Niger from the feeder. Her mate finished eating and rested on a branch to watch her. They were followed by a pair of Nut Hatches and Wow,,,a pair of Carolina Wrens at the Suet. First time ever a House Sparrow has appeared and he sat a while on the birdhouse. Black Capped Chickadees flew like passengers on a Roller Coaster to the new Seed Block. Little cuties.

The birds are policing the yard and garden for stuff to stuff in their nests. The Grackle wanders the garden carrying flower leavings around and looks like a harvester sorting and putting them into piles. Some ends up in the Birdbath.

One year the Cocoa Doormat on the front porch was getting bald spots. We discovered a Chickadee twizzling at it and flying away with beakfuls. Another year I discovered a long plastic push-up Popsicle cover in a Brown Thrashers nest. I like the Owls nest cleaning routine,,,just push it all out the front door!

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Annieptigger said...

Spring is Wonderful~!~!
Spring songs from your favorite birds. Then there are the migrating birds that you only get to see once a year. What a Joy~!~!
So glad that the birds have found your yard. Could it be one juvenile cat named Luigi is now in Cat Heaven?