Wednesday, March 30, 2005


For the past week on my Sister's Iowa Farm it unfolded like this:

Something has dug a pile of dirt at the Big Shed Door. We're puzzled. Badgers??
Two large brown birds in the Birdbath. Run for the Binoculars. It's Rats!! Bathing!!
Next day Rats are in the Big Shed Rafters looking down singing "nah-nah-nahnahnah".
They ate all the Field Corn including the Cobs. Burp
Five packets of Rid-a-Rat are placed tenderly in the middle of the Big Shed.
No results. P-nut Butter is added to the packets and given a shake. No results.

Yesterday the Packets were moved behind things and along the walls. One was being dropped behind the Recycle Barrel. Behold, a Rat in the Barrel in "freeze and stare" position and looking up.
Today it's time to clean up the Garden and Rake the Yard. Every WorkGlove taken from the Wooden Box in the Big Shed has the Thumb chewed off. Rats!
Not to worry,,
All is quiet in the Big Shed.
Oh No! What is that under the John Deere? Why it's DirtyRat I and DirtyRat II.
There they goooooo up to the Rafters! You DirtyRats!

1 comment:

Annieptigger said...

Those are a pair of Dirty Rats~!
Going to town tomorrow to buy new and improved rat poison.
The Blog was very funny and I enjoyed reading. Mrs. Rat 1 and Mr. Rat 2 are singing in the shed tonight. Nah,Nah Nah Nah Han Hanaaa.